Q: How long does it usually take to get back sample testing results from the laboratory?
A: Soil sample results may take between 2-3 weeks. This is dependent on the      workload as well as the number & types of analyses; e.g. major nutrients and      pH only or both major nutrients, micro nutrients and pH.
Q: Are recommendations also provided with sample testing results?
A: Yes fertilizer and other crop recommendations are also provided with the resluts.
Q: How much does it cost to do a basic soil test?
A: A basic soil test(pH, N, P, K) cost $1,500 per sample.
Q: What does ALMD stands for?
A: Agricultural Land Management Division
Q: If I cannot conduct the soil sampling myself can I get assistance from ALMD?
A: Yes we can send a field officer to assist you with the collection of your soil sample - please contact our offices and we will make arrangements for a mutually convenient time.
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