The Agricultural Land Management Division (ALMD), formerly Rural Physical Planning Division (RPPD) forms part of the Technical Directorate within the MOAF. The Division’s name was changed on November 2013.  The objective of the Division is to provide advisory services in soil and agricultural land use management in accordance with Government's policy.
ALMD Mission
The Agricultural Land Management Division will create and maintain the sustainable use of soils and agricultural lands.
The core functions of the ALMD include:
Conducting soils and land cover/land use surveys.
Conducting rural land evaluation assessments and make recommendations on the use of agricultural lands.
Conducting land capability assessments.
Assessing soil fertility and make recommendations for soil and land management.
Conducting soil and soil amendment tests and making fertilizer recommendations to farmers and special interest groups.
Design and prepare maps.
GIS data processing, manipulation, analysis and output.
Capture spatial data through aerial photointerpretation, satellite imagery and global positioning systems.
Agricultural assessment of subdivision applications.
Chemical and physical analyses on growth media, chemical analyses on plant tissue and water samples
ALMD Vision
To promote modern and sustainable agricultural land management practices in order to drive food security and to enhance rural development in accordance with government policy.
ALMD Functions
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